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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is Osteopathy?

2. What is the Minimum Academic Admission Requirement?

3. How Long are the Degree Programs?

4. How much is the tuition?

5. Is There a Tuition Discount For Health Practitioners?

6. Is There a Tuition Discount for Students Who Enrol in Dual Degree Programs?

7. Is There a Tuition Discount for Students Who Are on Welfare or Disability?

8. When Do the Degree Programs Start?

9. Is Financial Help & Student Loans Available?

10. What Degrees Offered?

11. What Employment Opportunities Exist For Osteopaths?

12. What is the Average Salary of Osteopaths?

13. What is the Unemployment Rate for Osteopaths?

14. How Many Osteopaths Practice in the World?

15. What Countries Offer Osteopathy Education?

16. Is NUMSS Tuition Tax Deductible?

17. What are the Differences Between Osteopathy & Chiropractic?

18. Is NUMSS accredited by Council on Manual Osteopathy Education?

19. Are NUMSS graduates eligible to write the osteopathy board exams?

20. Is NUMSS accepted by International Osteopathic Association (IOA)?

21. Where are the optional practical classes held?

22. Can osteopathy & athletic therapy be learned online?

23. Is osteopathy treatments covered by insurers?

24. Is osteopathy treatments covered by insurers for MVA patients?

25. What osteopathic techniques are taught at NUMSS?

26. What is the difference between Doctor of Osteopathy(DO) & Bachelor Science in Osteopathy (BSc)

27. How does osteopathic treatment help patients with low back pain?

28. What is Athletic Therapy?

29. Is an Athletic Therapist the same thing as a Personal Trainer or Strength Coach?

30. What kind of employment opportunities exist for Athletic Therapists?

31. What is the average income of Athletic Therapists?

32. Can Athletic Therapists open a clinic?

33. What is the scope of practice of Athletic Therapists?

34. What types of treatments are performed by Athletic Therapists?

35. Is Athletic Therapy covered by extended health plans?

36. How is Athletic Therapy different from Physiotherapy?

37. What types of conditions are treated by Athletic Therapists?

38. Can Athletic Therapy graduates of NUMSS work everywhere?

39. Is the Athletic Therapy program of NUMSS accredited?

40. Are NUMSS Athletic Therapy graduates eligible to write the board exams?

41. Osteopathic Education: 4 Months or 4 Years?

42. What Organizations Have Accredited NUMSS?

43. I am a licensed health practitioner. Can I use my osteopathic education towards my Continuing Education (CE) requirements of my regulatory board?

44. Could osteopaths bill insurers for two types of treatments?

45. After graduating from your osteopathy program, can I practice in Canada, USA, Australia, UK & New Zealand?

46. Similarities & Differences between Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy(DO vs DC vs PT vs MT)

47. What is Osteopathy TV?

48. Is there a database of osteopathic related research papers?

49. Do you offer any seminars?

50. What is Osteopathy Health Clinics?

51. When is the World Osteopathy Day?

52. What is the Treatment Satisfaction Rate of Manual Osteopathy?

53. What is the Patient Confidence Rate for Manual Osteopaths?

54. How Do Manual Osteopaths Save Lives?

55. How much Canadians spent yearly on manual osteopathic care?

56. What is the financial status of manual osteopaths in Canada?

57. What is the job satisfaction rate for manual osteopaths?

58. What are the similarities & differences between manual osteopathy, massage therapy, physiotherapy & chiropractic?

59. What are the top 10 job vacancies in 2013?

60. Is there a Facebook group on manual osteopathy?

61. Is there a business related site for manual osteopathy?

62. Is there a free book on manual osteopathy?

63. Is there a film documentary on manual osteopathy?

64. Can the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program Be Learned Online?

65. What Makes NUMSS Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program Unique?

66. Does any NUMSS graduate work in hospitals?

67. Is NUMSS Affiliated With Any Other Schools??

69. How Many Students are Studying Manual Osteopathy?

70. How many manual osteopaths practice around the world?

71. Who Refers Patients to Manual Osteopaths?

72. Where Do Osteopaths Work?

73. How Long Does it Takes for an Osteopathic Treatment?

74. Do Family Physicians Refer to Osteopaths?

75. Do Physiotherapists Refer to Manual Osteopaths?

76. How Many Manual Osteopaths Practice in Each Country?

77. I am a student at another osteopathy school. Can I transfer to NUMSS?

78. Does Canadian Government Recognize Manual Osteopathy?

79. Did Canada Post Publish a World Osteopathy Day Mailing Stamp?

80. What is the National Occupation Classification Code for Manual Osteopaths?

81. What are NUMSS most popular single degree programs?

82. What are NUMSS most popular dual degree programs?

83. What are NUMSS most popular triple degree programs?

84. Can NUMSS graduates join BASES?

85. Can NUMSS MBA graduates join AMBAC?

86. Is the MBA program available only to those with prior business education?

87. What are the differences between DO, DO & DO?

88. Can NUMSS DPT students Join APTA?

89. Does the Canadian Government Accept NUMSS?

90. Are NUMSS Graduates Eligible to Apply for Futurpreneur Canada Loans?

91. What is the Proper Usage of the DO Designation?

92. Which Association NUMSS Graduates Can Join in Alberta, Canada?

93. Is Discount Available to NUMSS Graduates for Foot Orthotics?

94. What University is Best for Osteopathic Techniques?

95. Can NUMSS DPT Graduates Join Physiotherapy Association in Spain?

96. Is the DO Program Regularly Updated?

97. Who is the First NUMSS Graduate to be Hired by a Hospital?

98. Are NUMSS Graduate Eligible to Apply for Smart Start Seed Fund Grants?

99. Are NUMSS Graduates Eligible to Apply for BDC Loans?

100. Why is online osteopathic education better?

101. Does NUMSS offer any on-campus programs?

102. Why Osteopathic Osteoarticular Techniques are so effective?

103. Who are the instructors teaching visceral & cranial osteopathy?

104. Is the DBM program accredited?

105. What title can I use after earning a DBM?

106.Why are our graduates so skilled in osteopathy??

107.What are the lost techniques of osteopathy?

108.What are the Forgotten Osteopathic Techniques?

109.What makes us different?

110.Can graduates of DO program in Canada use the title "Dr"?

111. What is NOPA?

112. Does BCAOMP accepts NUMSS (Spain) graduates?

113.What professions originated from osteopathy?

114.Can NUMSS (Spain) graduates join NLOA?

115. Is osteopathic care available in Bermuda?

116. Can NUMSS (Spain) alumni join Manitoba Osteopathic Association ?

117. Online vs On-campus Education: Which one is better?

118. Who is Dr Bruno Bordoni?

120. What is Naprapathy?

121. Can NUMSS (Spain) Alumni Join Canadian Naprapathic Association?

122. IS NUMSS (Spain) Naprapathy Program Accredited?

123. Where Can I Work as a Naprapath?

124.What is the Annual Income of Naprapaths in the USA?

125. Who Holds the Copyright to Doctor of Naprapathy (DN) title?

126. What Are the Differences Between DN & C.Nap.?

127.Is there a Naprapathy Facebook group?

128. Can certified naprapaths use he title "Dr"?

129. How Long is the DN Program For DOs?

130. What are the clinical differences of osteopathy & chiropractic?

131. Do you love osteopathy?

132. Can NUMSS Degrees be officially translated?

133.What are the differences between Cranial Osteopathy & Craniosacral Therapy?

134.How can NUMSS (Spain) registration with the government of Spain be confirmed?

135.Is There a Campus Based DPT program in Bangladesh?

136.Can manual osteopaths work in hospitals?

137.How can NUMSS Degree in Spain be legalized?

138.Is there a Farsi language NUMSS website?

139.Are NUMSS (Spain) degrees accepted by the government of Spain?

140.Who founded CRMOO?

141.How often can you increase your fees for osteopathic care?

142.Can NUMSS Degrees be legalized by the Canadian Embassy?

143.Can alumni join the Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada?

144.Does NUMSS have a graduation ring?

145. Is Osteopathic Care Accepted as a Medical Expense by CRA?

146. Are you planning to work in US?

147. What is COMP?

148. What is osteopathic manual practice?

149. Is the school accredited by UCOMPE?

150.Can alumni write AOMPEB board exams?

151. Can alumni join AAOMP?

152. What associations are founded by alumni?

153. Can alumni join European Osteopathic Association?

154. Can alumni join Alberta Osteopathic Association?

155. Can Osteopaths Use Physiotherapy Modalities?

156. Are the on-site practical technique classes mandatory?

157. How can get bodies to practice osteopathic techniques on?

158. Can NUMSS degrees be endorsed be embassies?

159. Can NUMSS degrees be endorsed by embassies?