• Tuition

    National University of Medical Sciences (NUMSS) aims to provide high quality yet affordable education to everyone. Instead of having a large lump sum tuition we have lowered the mandatory tuition and made the rest of the fees optional.


    Mandatory Fees (all fees are in Euro)

    Application Fee: €225

    Tuition: €2500 per semester for each online degree program.

    Optional Fees

    Portable External Hard Drive: €382 per semester. The hard drive contains all the lectures for each semester of a degree program. It permits you to watch the lectures on TV anywhere at any time without the need to be connected to the internet. It is highly recommended. It makes studying a lot easier and allows you to keep a copy of the lectures as a reference for future use. The fee includes shipping & handling.

    Practical Week Long campus based Classes for all degrees: €953 per class (one per semester). The in- campus classes are held for one week per semester after the end of each semester in Madrid (Spain) . Students get a chance to practice their techniques on other students under the supervision of a clinician. Advanced registration is required as space is limited.

    Books: €105 to €420 per semester. To lower the costs students are encouraged to buy second hand books or to borrow them from libraries. All books recommended by NUMSS can be purchased online at www.amazon.com.

    Degree Certificate: €255 per degree. The fee includes the cost of shipping & handling. Degree certificates are suitable for framing.

    Other Fees

    Official Transcript: €64.

    Returned Cheque: €29 per NSF cheque.

    Exam Fee: none. Exam fees are included in tuition

    How to Apply

    *Application Fee

    To apply for any of the single or combined online on-demand degree programs of National University of Medical Sciences please complete the application form and mail it with the required documents to NUMSS along with the non-refundable application processing fee of €225 (Euro).

    You may pay the application fee and the tuition by using your credit card (visa, Master Card, American Express). Alternatively you may pay by a personal cheque, business cheque, certified cheque, or money order. You can also open a free account with PayPal and send the payment to admissions@numss.com. Or you can send the payment through debit e-Transfer if your bank offers this service. If instead you prefer to direct deposit the payment to NUMSS bank account please contact us for the bank account information. Please do not mail cash as it is not accepted.

    We will acknowledge the receipt of your application within one week of receiving it.

    To pay for the application fee please click the pay now button.

    Deposit 500 EURO

    *Tuition for NUMSS single Degree Programs

    To pay your tuition (one semester or full tuition) for any of the NUMSS (Spain) single degree programs please click the pay now button.

    *Tuition for any of the combined dual degree programs

    To pay your tuition for any of the combined dual degree programs click on the pay now button.

    *Tuition for NUMSS Continuing Education Seminars

    To pay for any of the postgraduate continuing education seminars offered by NUMSS, please click the pay now button.

    *optional items NUMSS offers

    If you wish to purchase any of the optional items NUMSS offers, such as the portable external hard drive, practical onsite osteopathic technique lab, degree certificate, official transcript, returned NSF cheque, & exam re-write, click Pay Now button.
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