Experienced, Active, Involved Faculty Members

National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) academic prowess is made possible, in large part, by a renowned, active faculty; most of whom remain actively involved in private practice across the world. Their wealth of experience in clinical practice in different jurisdictions is the main reason NUMSS (Spain) programs are applied, practical & clinically relevant. NUMSS (Spain) faculty remain committed to helping students become successful health professionals.

  • 100% of NUMSS (Spain) faculty have academic &/or professional background in subjects they teach
  • NUMSS (Spain) faculty emphasize more the practical aspects of subjects taught
  • NUMSS (Spain) faculty use technology to make lectures easy to understand
  • NUMSS (Spain) faculty are excellent communicators who make lectures interesting & fun to watch

NUMSS (Spain) Teaching Professors

  • Dr. Lhamo Dolkar, BSc (nurs), MD, Professor
  • Dr. Oleg Bagrin, MD, DOMP, DO, Professor
  • Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn, DC, Professor
  • Professor Abazar Habibinia, MD, DFN, CSDTT, Professor
  • Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Ali Kadhim, MD, Professor
  • Dr. Amir Kazemi, BSc, DOMP, DO, Professor
  • Kerry Pavlovic, MSc (AT), Professor
  • Biljana Philipovska, MSc (N), Professor
  • Dr. Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD, Professor
  • Joaquim Ribeiro, BSc, MSc, PhD, Professor
  • Dr. Lucia Villa, MD, Professor
  • Dr. Preeya Chauhan, BSc, DC, DO, Professor
  • Darren Wigginton, RMT, DOMP, Assistant Professor
  • Jab Redzuan, CFT, CKTT, PES, DOMP, Assistant Professor
  • Omar Qureshi, BSc, D.Ch., Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Hossein Khorrami, BSc (physio), DOMP, DO, PhD Professor
  • Jennifer Pottruff BSc(O), DBM, DNM, DO(Spain)
  • Dr. Daniel Nuzum, NMD, DO, DN, Professor
  • Nicholas Zancai, DOMP, Assistant Professor
  • Ann Shivas, DOMP, Assistant Professor
  • Sara Ying Lee, RMT, DOMP, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Michelle Xiong, BSc, MD, Professor
  • Roya Salimi-Marand, BA, MBA, LLQP, Professor
  • Pamela Crosson-Fournier, RMT, DOMP, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Majid Javadifar, BSc (orthotist & prostethist), DOMP, DO, Professor
  • Dr. Mohammad Jamali, DPT, Professor
  • Dr. Andrew Chan, DOMP, DO(EUR)
  • Dr Ernest Geid, MBA, MD, DOMP,DO,
  • Dr Sam Eslami, PT, MA, ND, Professor
  • Dr. Mohesn Hashemi, PT, DPT, professor
  • Dr Ali Irani, PhD (SM), PhD (ABMD), DPT
  • Elias A. Ahad, BSc (physiotherapy), DOMP
  • Dr Vahid Karbassi, MD,
  • Amir Ghafari, BSc (physio), DOMP, DO (Spain), Professor
  • Meenakshi Gautam, BPT, DOMP, Technique Instructor
  • Dr Hussein Eid, MD, DOMP, Professor
  • Walter Chan, DOMP, Technique Instructor
  • Rachel Orr, RMT, DOMP
  • Marylène Audet,CAT, DOMP
  • Dr Curtis Michael Wildes, PES, CSCS, MBA, MSATC, DO, Professor
  • Walter Chan, DOMP, BSN, DNE, RN(HK) (Teacher’s Assistant)
  • Yyvette Bazarin, RMT, DOMP (Teacher’s Assistant)
  • Caitie Morrissey, DOMP (Teacher’s Assistant)
  • Gelareh Saneian, DOMP (Teacher’s Assistant)
  • Vladimir Gorscovoz, DOMP (Teacher’s Assistant)
  • David Raes, DOMP (Teacher’s Assistant)
  • Alex Filipova, DOMP (Teaching Assistant)
  • Dr Rozina Badal Munir, MBBS, RPVI, RVT, RDMS, POCUS, FASE (Professor)
  • Enza Panzeca R.Kin, CAT, DOMP (Professor)
  • Caitie Morrissey, DOMP (Professor)
  • Dr. Farjoud Shokouhi, DBA, DPT, DO, PhD, physiotherapist & osteopath
    (president: Iranian Osteopathic Association)

Board of Governors

  • Dr. Bruno Bordoni, DPT, DO, PhD Physical Therapist & Osteopath
    (president: European Osteopathic Association)
  • Dr. Sylvian Desforges, BSc, DC, DO, Chiropractor & Osteopath (president: Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine)
  • Dr. Mariana Rodriguez, MD, DO, Medical doctor & Osteopath
  • Dr. Daniel Nuzum, NMD (USA), DO (Spain), DN, PhD, Naprapath & Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (president: American Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners & Minister of Health: SCNRFP)
  • Dr. Farjoud Shokouhi, DBA, DPT, DO, PhD, physiotherapist & osteopath
    (president: Iranian Osteopathic Association)

President’s Message

Welcome to National University of Medical Sciences (NUMSS). Our Faculty is quite simply one of the best practical faculties in the world. It has a strong tradition of applied training and its graduates are destined to be amongst the most successful professionals.

The curriculum of NUMSS degree programs are innovative and dynamic, reflecting the minds of our outstanding professors and their vision for training tomorrow’s leaders in health care. First and foremost, we want our graduates to be professionals who possess sound judgment. We believe this is the best way to ensure that their patients, and the population at large, receive the most effective health care possible – that means care that is supported by scientific evidence.

To attain this goal, we have created a curriculum that employs cutting-edge approaches to clinical care, as well as innovative teaching and learning techniques.

Under the tutelage of highly trained and productive instructors, the student acquires a solid foundation in the biomedical sciences. This knowledge forms the basis for understanding the wide variety of disorders that our graduates must diagnose and treat. Skilful and experienced clinical teachers guide the students in acquiring technical skills and developing clinical judgement. Instructors with qualifications in the basic and clinical sciences assist the students in applying basic science knowledge to clinical problems. This integrated system of instruction results in broadly trained clinicians with a strong biomedical background.

National University of Medical Sciences is committed to excellence in education, patient care, research and community service. With the incoming class we rededicate ourselves to the achievement of these goals.

I encourage you to choose National University of Medical Sciences to study. I welcome you.

Dr Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD
National University of Medical Sciences (Spain)
National University of Medical Sciences (USA)
Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada
Canadian Union of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners