A student must possess the following abilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, for completion of any of the NUMSS degree programs (except MBA in Health Care, MA in History of Osteopathy, & the three radiology programs):

  1. Ability to apply manual techniques and adjunctive techniques over the full range of a client’s body, including positioning clients, palpating, feeling with hands and fingers, pushing, pulling, kneading, grasping, twisting wrists, and lifting up to 10 pounds, for periods of up to 60 minutes without interruption.
  2. Ability to determine depth and intensity of manual pressure and force, as applied in the performance of common manual and adjunctive procedures and techniques.
  3. Ability to see and hear, with or without reasonable accommodation, sufficient that the student can receive and record client histories; document treatment plans; provide instructions to clients; and provide routine client safety services.

It is in the best interests of both the student and the University to assess the degree of limitation caused by disability. However, the University will make the final determination of whether or not an individual meets all qualifications for study at the University.

Persons who have been convicted of a misdemeanour of a violent criminal or sexual nature or any felony will be prohibited from professional health care practice in many jurisdictions. National University of Medical Sciences will deny admission to applicants with such convictions.