Students Thesis

A thesis project by National University of Medical Sciences graduate, naprapath & manual osteopath, Dr. Jaz Ibarra, DMT, BFA, BSc (Ost), DN:
Effects of Aquatic Osteopathy-Naprapathy Therapy on Parkinson’s Disease, A Case Study

Neurodynamic assessment and the effects of neurodynamic treatment in sport rehabilitation

By: Kortesis Georgios-Antonios

Sports Strength and Conditioning in conjunction with Therapy
By: Arun Kumar

The Holistic approach in rehabilitation process of cardiovascular accidents for adult population
By: Tudose Alexandru Constantin

Cultural Sensivity among health Practitioners
By: Alex Marco D’Angelo

Fundamentals of & Success in Telemedicine:Make it Happen!
By: Dennis Sehgal MD

Social Media as Strong Marketing Tool for Osteopathy Clinics
By: Nawaf M.Alaqeel

By: Gigel Cintaretu


The effect of acetic acid (2%) iontophoresis on the calcification deposit of the shoulder
By: Anoushiravan Mohammadi

Traurumatic Myositis Ossifican (Farsi)
By: Baba

Does botanical medicine have a place in chiropractic?
By: Dr. Matthew Schaer

Fibromyalgia and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment(OMT)

Difference between normal births and caesarean operations for new born
By: Frank Romer

Natural Analgesic Pain Manangement for the Reduction of Prescription Painkiller Dependency
By: Jay Kollic

A step towards unambiguous clinical diagnostic tools
By: Matt Gibbons

The Effects of Manual Osteopathy on people’s Health
By: Nazanin Eshghi

Manual Osteopathic awareness and prescription people living with chronic Low Back Pain in Melbourne Australia
By: Olusegun Oluwaseun Osifeso

Manual Osteopathy for MAnagement of Falls and improvement of movement disorders in the elderly
By: Dr. Irmina Toledo Gehrmann

A Review of Holistic Therapies
By: William Britton

Osteopathic Massage as a Stimulus for Oxygen Assimilation and Flow
By: Maria Asuncion Borlaza Bumidang

The Economic Implications of Eating Organic Foods and Its Comparison to Eating Non-organic Foods
By: Maria Asuncion Borlaza Bumidang

Alzheimers Disease and Osteopathy
By: Ari Chow

Osteopathic Rehabilitation For The Clinical Management Of Shoulder Problems
By: Veronica Garciano-Ulpindo

A Manual Therapist Perspective On Headaches
By: Philip Gaskins

Low Cost Electronic Services For The Health Care Practice
By: Philip Gaskins

Osteopathy and Nutritional Supplements
By: Raybe Lee

Myofascial Release for the Management of Plantar Fasciitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial
By: Ajimsha Mohammed Sharafudeen

Relevance of Quality Improvement Program for Service Demand and Delivery Management in a Tertiary Referral Hospital
By: Ajimsha Mohammed Sharafudeen

The use of MET and specific STT to increase extensibility and ROM of the hamstring muscle group
By:Alex D’Angelo

Andrew Welsh – Thesis PhD (PMR)

The Effects of Holistic Manual Osteopathic Therapy on Pregnancy
By: Annie Doan

Basic principles of Sports Medicine and how they relate to Osteopathic Medicine.
By: Luka Samarjiza

A comparative analysis of the impact of current healthcare hospitals and branded Smart Care hospitals on the quality of healthcare service
By: Beena Walawalker

Workplace ergonomic liabilities and increase moral, revenue and improving efficiency through musculoskeletal awareness.
By: Benjamin Israel

Osteopathic treatment for sacroiliac joint dysfunction and piriformis syndrome: Understanding the differences and connections between the two.
By: Chantal Pritchard

Osteopathic approach to piriformis syndrome
By: Darren Gilbert

Piriformis syndrome
By: Dr Pooran Yazdanpanah

The use of tilt table machine in extubation patients of intensive care unit
By: Hossein Seifury Toghroljerdi

Autism and Herbalism: A hopeful alternative?
By: Josh Grubb

Cranial osteopathy fact or fiction?
By: Judita Tanko

Osteopathy and acupuncture
By: Karen Danko

Joint stability in an aging perspective
By: Kim Snowman Moeller

The overuse of diagnostic imaging for musculoskeletal pain/disorders
By: Kobus du Plessis

Fascia in osteopathy 
By: Martin Ladewig

Multiple sclerosis and manual osteopathy 
By: Miranda Voldeng

Planter fasciitis
By: Mohammad Abdulrazzaq

The effect of muscle energy session on increasing knee extension in people with shortness of knee posterior muscles
By: Mohammad Reza Moradi

Osteopathic treatments of post-concussion syndrome.
By: MyNga To

Utilizing gymnastic exercise as rehabilitation for children with physical disability
By: Neil Sheehan

The effect of diaphragm manipulation on neck pain patients with forward head posture: case study
By: Pilasinee Puntonglang

The importance and advantages of Osteopathic Treatment for athletes.
By: Quang Nguyen

Non-invasive physical therapy treatments in failed back surgery syndrome
By: Seyed Ali Madinei

The Benefits of Osteopathy implemented into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Protocols
By: Sukhi Manku

How Osteopathy benefits Dancers
By: Vladyslav Ishymov

The Interest of osteopathic treatment for performance optimization and injury prevention
By Saad Chouiter