An Overview of NUMSS Admissions to Master of Science in Athletic Therapy MSc (AT) Program

Why Choose Athletic Therapy?

What many people think of as Sports Medicine is actually Athletic Therapy. Athletic Therapists works with physicians and other medical personnel, employers, patients, parents, guardians, and athletic personnel in the development and coordination of efficient and responsive health care delivery systems. Athletic Therapists are integral members of the health care team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional sports teams, sports medicine clinics, MVA rehabilitation clinics, WSIB clinics, assessment centers, gyms, health clubs, corporate /industrial, and other health care settings. Athletic Therapists may also open their own health clinics or health clubs. There is no unemployment in this health profession as they find employment or open their own private athletic therapy clinics. In certain countries such as Canada a number of private health insurers cover athletic therapy services. The demand for Athletic Therapists are increasing at an exponential rate.

Why Choose to Study Athletic Therapy at NUMSS?

Because National University of Medical Sciences offers the only accredited, online, on-demand, affordable Master of Science in Athletic Therapy program. This program is ideal for the working professionals as they will have the flexibility to study at the time they wish without leaving home. As there is no need to attend a classroom, they can watch the lectures at the comfort of their homes. Students from anywhere in the world can become Athletic Therapists without spending a large sum on the costs associated with daily travel. NUMSS athletic therapy program tuition is kept low to make the program affordable to all students. The AT program we offer is approved by the International Board of Certified Athletic Therapists and alumni can become a Certified Athletic Therapist upon graduation. NUMSS AT degree is evaluated and approved in the United States and Spain and as such accepted in most countries. While the degree is offered 100% online students have the option of attending a week-long practical athletic therapy technique review class at our campus in Spain or in Los Angeles at California Health University, in Panama City at Pourgol Osteopathy Chronic Pain Hospital and in Seville at Seville University of Health & Medicine. Based on demand the in-person practical class is also offered at certain locations of Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada. OCPCC operates 378 clinics in the United States, Canada, Spain and 31 other countries.

Undergraduate Admissions

The prerequisite to enter the Master of Science in Athletic Therapy MSc (AT) program is having a bachelor’s degree. If you do not possess a bachelor’s degree you may enroll in the Bachelor of Science in osteopathy degree offered by National University of Medical Sciences. The MSc (AT) program can be taken concurrently with the Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy BSc (Ost) or the other programs offered by NUMSS.

Curriculum for the Master of Science in Athletic Therapy for all category 1, 2 and 3 students (1 year FT, 1280 hours total – 640 hours per semester)

1st Year (1st semester)1st Year (2nd semester)
AT 301 Athletic Therapy Techniques IAT 302 Athletic Therapy Techniques II
AS 301  Athletic Therapy Skills IAS 302  Athletic Therapy Skills II
PA 301   Physical AssessmentPM 302   Physiotherapy Modalities
TE 301   Therapeutic ExercisesSI 302   Sport Injuries
FA 301  Fitness Assessments & TrainingOT 302   Taping Techniques
CB 301   Clinical BiomechanicsCM 302  Clinical Management in Athletic Therapy
CN 301   Clinical NutritionPL 101   Optional Class: Practical Lab(Techniques review ,1 week FT, in Panama)
PL 101  Optional Class: Practical Athletic Therapy Technique Review Class in USA, Spain & Panama, 1 week, Full Time
Our Master of Science in Athletic Therapy students have access to a week-long, in-person, practical advanced athletic therapy technique review class in a number of locations around the world. The campus based technique review class is not mandatory. The program is offered as a continuing education program. Students receive a certificate awarding them 40 hours of continuing education unit credit towards fulfilling CE requirements of the International Board of Certified Athletic Therapists and other associations. Students can take the in-person class at our campus in Spain or in Los Angeles, Panama City and a number of other locations at one of the universities, osteopathy hospital and chronic pain clinics founded by NUMSS president, registered manual osteopath & naprapath, Dr. Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, DN, PhD.