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NUMSS (Spain) Osteopath Heads Top Rehabilitation Post in Iran

We wish to congratulate Dr. Farjoud Shokouhi, president of the Iranian Osteopathic Association and an MBA/DPT/DO graduate of the National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) for being elected to the position of executive director of the rehabilitation board of the Iranian Medical Council (IMC), the highest medical authority in Iran in charge of all things related to the delivery of rehabilitation care in Iran.

This is the highest authority/position in Iran in the field of rehabilitation that covers all things related to physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitation professions.

Additionally the Medical Council recently appointed Dr Shokouhi as the head of the public relations and medical-legal commissions of the IMC. This is the first time in history an osteopath has been appointed to these prestigious positions.

We are so proud of Dr Shokouhi. It is because of him that now the highest government post in the field of rehabilitation is filled by an osteopath. A historical achievement.