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Fascia Kinetic Technique for the NUMSS DN Program

UK/USA graduated connective tissue specialist, Dr. Anson Ching, BSc, MSc, DPT, HMS, OMT (who practices in Taiwan and Hong Kong) has joined the faculty of National University of Medical Sciences (USA & Spain) as a professor to teach a full course on Fascia Kinetic Technique (FKT) to our doctor of naprapathy (DN) students.

FKT is a technique used in naprapathic medicine that combines hands-on manual therapy, Flossband and joint specific exercises to restore back to normal the fascial restriction resulting from a connective tissue disorder. 
Flossband is used to limit the compensation of the fascia to facilitate the true muscle activation. For example, using hands-on naprapathic techniques to assess & treat the restriction of the connective tissue and then using the Flossband to limit its movement and therefore reduce the viscosity of the space between muscle and fascia.

Naprapathy (which differs from naturopathy) is a hands-on manual therapy profession that originated from osteopathy & chiropractic in 1907. Doctors of naprapathic medicine focus on connective tissue disorders and are considered connective tissue specialists. 
Our online doctor of naprapathy (DN) graduates can join the American Naprapathic Association (founded in 1907) and the Canadian Naprapathic Association, which awards them the title of CNAP (Certified Naprapath). 
In Canada NUMSS DN alumni who joins associations such as ACMA and ACTMD are eligible to bill private health insurers for naprapathic care they provide under naturotherapy.

We welcome Dr Ching to our family.