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New Association Membership

We wish to thank Dr. Antonio Marcello Colasurdo for informing us that he was able to join the Confédération des Praticiens en Médecine Douce du Québec (CPMDQ), a Quebec based association that is accepted by extended health plan insurers in Quebec. Dr. Colasurdo is a graduate of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain). He applied with his DO (doctor of osteopathy) and was accepted after his NUMSS education was evaluated. This is what we received from him:

Hi Dr Pourgol, I have some interesting news! After I found out that the ACTMD was closing I went looking for an association. I ended up getting into contact with and joining the CPMDQ (which is a Quebec only association from what I see). But, they assessed my education with NAO/NUMSS and granted me access as a member AND my title with them is Doctor of Osteopathy! I asked for clarification on this and they said that I am allowed to use the title Doctor of Osteopathy, CPMDQ legally but I have to have disclaimers that I am not a medical physician, don’t do medical diagnosis, etc. And under no circumstances can I use “Dr” before my name. But I am allowed to use: Antonio Marcello Colasurdo, D.O. Osteopath Doctor of Osteopathy, CPMDQ