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Change Your Life. Become an Osteopath!

“Our education is like no others! We graduate successful manual osteopaths because we teach them everything we know about business.

Here is a letter from osteopath, Dr. Shela Aleman Arshad, DO, PhD (OCS), a graduate of Doctor of Osteopathy program of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and PhD in Osteopathic Clinical Sciences of National University of Medical Sciences (USA). Dr Arshad also works at the Lahore, Pakistan location of Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada.

“Dear Dr Pourgol:

Because of Osteopathy I have tremendous success in Pakistan. I treat and help many of the big politicians and celebrities. My patients include wife of previous prime minister, generals, military officers, doctors, wealthy people, owners of hospitals,schools, TV anchors and actresses, big industrialists, and people from other countries.

This month I am treating the most famous world Islamic preacher name Molana Tariq Jameel. I will send you some pictures soon. All my success is because of you Dr. Pourgol,soooo proud of you, soooo proud of my NUMSS, Big thanks to you. In the next two weeks I am being interviewed by a TV station in Pakistan about osteopathy as everyone is amazed by my osteopathic treatments and success. I am so busy in my clinic.””

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