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A letter by Dr Daria who attended Dr Shawn Pourgol’s presentation at the first public meeting of the Coalition for the Regulation of Manual Osteopathy in Ontario

“It was my pleasure to be a witness of the historical moment in regulation of osteopathy in Ontario, everything was to the point; your presentation was nourishing to the brains and inspirational to the soul. I am, as always, proud to see you clearing new ways for osteopathy as a profession. I believe that due to your efforts manual Osteopathy not only will be elevated as a profession, but also will take its honorable place in the hearts of the public. I was delighted to see how manual osteopaths in the end of the presentation became your devoted listeners. I was delighted to notice in their eyes sparkles of inspiration you generously planted. I am sure that soon everyone will realize the significance of osteopathic regulation and necessity of a unified approach in this matter. Your hard work will be appreciated.”

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