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First Doctor of Naprapathy in Cornwall, UK

Naprapathy (founded in 1907 in Chicago) is a gentle form of manual therapy that assesses and treats connective tissue disorders. Becoming a connective tissue specialist offers you a new unique way to help patients while setting yourself apart from competitors. Our DN (Doctor of Naprapathy) program focuses greatly on applied research proven clinical knowledge offering you training you can use right away to help patients.

Here is a message sent to our president by naprapath, Dr. Martin Rouen, a graduate of the National University of Medical Sciences (USA & Spain) who now owns a successful naprapathy clinic in Cornwall, United Kingdom:

“Dr. Pourgol,
I’m reading more and more posts from alumni about the efficacy of the clinical training provided by National University of Medical Sciences. I just wanted to say to you thank you for establishing these universities, and to say how much I value them.
I run a company called Medella Health in Cornwall, UK. If you are ever in doubt about the value that your teaching has given alumni, search for my Google page and read the reviews I’ve been given.
They are a testament to your good work. It has allowed me to live my best life in a beautiful part of the UK and I never feel like I’m going to work.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”