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❤️NUMSS (Spain) Degrees Are Approved in Spain, United States & Other Countries ❤️

I founded National University of Medical Sciences 10 years ago in Spain (yes, it is our 10 year anniversary! 😀) because at that time I wanted to move permanently to Spain. Later on I chose to move to Panama instead (panama is paradise!). ❤️

When we started teaching in 2012 we did not have any government accreditation, just professional accreditation from organizations such as the Council on Manual Osteopathy Education of the International Osteopathic Association.

The first government approval we received was from the Ministry of Justice in Spain which issued approval of all NUMSS (Spain) degrees. Once Spain Ministry of Justice approved our degrees, then the next approval came from embassies of most countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Greece, Italy, Germany, UK, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Singapore & Iran. ❤️

The most recent degree approval came in 2022 when the government approved California University Foreign Credential Evaluation agency evaluated & approved NUMSS (Spain) degrees such as the doctor of osteopathy (DO), doctor of naprapathy (DN), doctor of botanical medicine (DBM) and doctor of philosophy in Osteopathic Clinical Rehabilitation (PhD). ❤️

At a time when online osteopathic education was frowned upon, we persevered and showed the world that this is simply not true. You can create great health professionals through online education. My students make $150,000/year which is $60,000 more than what other manual osteopaths make. Their financial success means patients are happy with their services. And in the past 10 years not even one of my students was disciplined for malpractice. Online education is a safe effective way to train great osteopaths. We have proven this in the past 10 years. ❤️

Dr. Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, Do, PhD 
NUMSS (Spain) President