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Indigenous Peoples Association of Osteopathy approved from four private health plan insurers

We wish to congratulate the Indigenous Peoples Association of Osteopathy, a new association founded by registered manual osteopath, Dr. Shirin Poor Gol, BA, DOMP, DO (Spain) for getting approval from four extended health plan insurance companies in Canada.

The CINUP is a Winnipeg based insurer that specializes in providing extended health plan group benefits for organizations with Indigenous Peoples employees. We are happy that CINUP now accepts members of the Indigenous Peoples Association of Osteopathy (IPAO) who hold a DO degree for osteopathic care they provide to their policy holders. 

The three other insurers, the Johnston Group, the Chamber of Commerce Insurer, and the Maximum Benefit Insurer also now accept IIPAO members with a DO degree.

This is a great news for doctor of osteopathy (DO) students of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) who wish to practice osteopathy in Canada.